Book review 1- 13 Food and Drink in Britain

I read about food and drink in Britain.
In this book, we will look at some of the different things the British eat and drink today.
In my image, famous food and drink in Britain is potato, bean, and tea. My image was not wrong. In Britain, potato is one of the most important or staple foods in British diet.
Potato first came from South America. In Peru, farmers grew them from the 13th century. And then, the Spanish brought them back to Europe in 16th century. In the 17th century, potatoes were introduced to the British and later, they became an important food. Because, when many people died because of disease and crops failed, the potato could be harvested then. Today, the British grows million tones of potatoes every year. And most people eat over a hundred kilograms a year. They can also make potato soup, potato bred, potato salad or use up in a dish. Potato is more popular during the W.W.Ⅱ because although it was difficult to find some foods, potatoes could be bought. Today, many shops and supermarket sells a variety of potatoes.
And, I think the word “England” always reminds us “tea”. Although coffee has become very popular in Britain in recently years, tea is still the national drink. Over 25 million cups of tea are sold every day, and many million cups of tea sold everyday, and millions are made at home in Britain. The history of tea in Britain was started in 17th century. Tea was brought from china. At first it was very expensive. So, few people could buy it. In 18th century, it was drunk so much in Britain. By the late 18th century, Britain became a centre of the world tea business. Since 19th century, tea has been brought to Britain from India, Africa, and Sri Lanka like China. Today, there are over 1500 different kinds of tea in Britain. For example, Assam, Darjeeling, Oolong, Earl Grey and English Breakfast. Each one has a different smell and taste. ( 350 words )


I got a comment from KGU student!

On Saturday, something happy happened in my blog. Actually, other writing class student has commented to my blog! The student was a girl, and a sophomore of Mr. Beaufait’s class. And, she told me that she was seeking an interesting blog topic among all KGU writing class. She was interested in my topic, and read it. Then, she decided to my blog topic is the most interesting for her. So, she put introduction of my topic on her blog, and introduced.
I was so surprised and very glad. Because, she elected that my topic is most interesting! And then, I was very glad that the person who is a stranger to me sent the message! I am a transfer student, so, I often feel that I can’t adapt my self to university, and I have thought nobody watch and read in my blog. But, after received this message, I felt that I am a member of KGU student.
I also will visit other student’s blog, and send a comment as possible as I can. (181words)


Drinking at Jeff’s Bar

On Friday night, I and my high school friend went to Jeff’s bar.
The prompt to go to bar was conversation at English Lounge on Friday 5th period.
There were 2 international students, Chris Kate, and 3 students including me. Then, Chris told us he is going to go to Jeff’s Bar tonight with international friend. So, he invited us and Kate to go to the Bar. I like to drink at the Bar, and I thought that I want to drink with international friend. So, I answered “yes” to his invitation. After English Lounge, I asked high school friend by phone to go to the Bar with me. Since she has ever often been to Jeff’s Bar, and she like there, she gave a ready answer “yes!”
In 8:00 PM, we made it at Daiei in Shiotori, and went to the Bar. Since the Bar has just opened, no guests were there. We ordered a beer, and toasted. During enjoy chatting with her, gradually guests has began to come. After, some international students came to there. We gave a toasted each other. I drunk so much and had a good time. But my friend had to go home because she works her job tomorrow. And I was also sleepy, we have left there at 11:00 PM.
Since I usually go home at midnight when I went for drink at downtown, I felt that it was not satisfactory to me. However, I had a good time to get an opportunity to drink with international students. (259words)