Book Review 2-5 New York

What do you imagine with the word “New York”?The megalopolis? Center of the business? The place of dispatch of brand new fashion and music? And, the center of all over the world?
More than twenty million people visit NY every year. When visitors think about NY they usually think about Manhattan- island 21.5 kilometers long and 3.7 kilometers wide. The city has 10000 kilometers of street and seven million or more people live there.
In the beginning of NY, Manhattan island was the home of Algonquin Indians. In 1609, Dutch explorer Henry Hudson came up to there. Today, the river in NY is called Hudson River. In 1626, Dutch man came to Manhattan, and he paid money for Indians to buy the island. He built some houses and called little town “New Amsterdam”.
But in 1664, the British took the town from the Dutch and they changed its name to New York. In 1790, millions or more people came to America from all over the world though already about 33000 people were living.
There are lots of things to see in Ney York. There are much traffic equipments like subway, bus, ferry, and cabs. These are very convenient and make easy for visitors to get to the different parts of the city.
At it different parts, are Chinatown, little Italy, green witch village, central park, and Coney island. And more interesting, I found attractive phrase that “if you want to look at the building, in NY, look up!” the city is full of skyscraper! These are very wonderful and very modern. For example, Empire state building, the United Nations Building, in Manhattan, and Statue of Liberty in Liberty island. Unfortunately, The World trade center was broke down by terrorist in 2001.
And NY has many entertainments. For example, we can enjoy theater, ballet, musical, band every night on the week. On week end night, we can watch an exciting sports game like base ball, basket ball.
NY has many attractive points and these always fascinate us. I want to visit there and enjoy the life style of megalopolis someday!
Home Alone 2 lost in Ney York was my first time to know about the NY. It was when I was 8 years old.Kevin explores many sight seeing spots in NY! I remember that I was so shocked how big and modern and I was glued to the movie! (400words)

October has come!

Hello! October has come! I feel it is becoming cool little by little. yesterday, I brought my blanket from closet instead of toweling blanket that I had being used during summer. And I also brought some night clothes. If I'm remiss, I will catch a cold.
Because we are likely catch a cold a change of season. Anyway, be careful!! (60 words)


List 2 -Mont saint-Michel-

Mont saint-Michel is the religious house that is built on the small island in saint-maro bay, west coast of France. It is one of the Christian pilgrimage sites and is praised as a “western amazement”. This place was registered the world heritage as a “Mont saint-Michel and it’s bay” in 1979, and is registered with the Ramsar Convention.
Mont Saint-Michel used to be connected to the mainland via a thin natural land bridge, which was covered at high tide and revealed at low tide.
This island has been called “Mon tomb (the mountain of tomb)” and it was the holy land. In 708, the bishop Obelle had a dream that an archangel “Michel” have a revelation in his dream. He stood in awe of this dream, and built the chapel. This is the beginning of this religious house. Since the middle century, many pilgrims has gathered there as a holy place of catholic.
During the hundred years’ war, Whole island has done the duty of floating fortress on England and France channel. Now there are still cannons and burettes that England army has left at the gate of Mont saint-Michel.
The end of 18 century, religious house was abolished and was used as a prison until 1963, but it was restored as a religious house again in 1865. In 19 century, a dyke was created and was made a rail road and road, and Mont saint-Michel was connected by land.
It is very beautiful, solemn and mysterious. (251 words)

diary 2-2 the new dictionary

Hey! How are you doing?
Listen! I bought new electrical dictionary! This was sold in Maruzen for university student. This is sold only the shop in university with special price, so I can’t buy it any other electrical shop.
And, this dictionary is very comfortable to use! This has very clear monitor, smart design. And many useful dictionaries are in this. For example, 3 English-Japanese dictionaries, 2 Japanese dictionaries, and many others. And more, there are some TOEIC study tools in this! Wow! That’s amazing!!
I must brush up my English skill with this dictionary! This will be my good partner to study!! Love it!! (105 words)