Summer snowman @ 31!

Do you like ice cream? Probably many boys and girls like it! And they also may feel like having a delicious ice cream because it is too hot in this time.
Then, do you know the summer snowman? It sounds that these two words summer and snowman are the clear contrary. But, it exists at 31 ice cream. Does it fascinate with you?
Now, at 31 ice cream, they have an interesting campaign! If you will order the king size ice cream, you can get one small size ice cream free. And the clerk puts the small size one on the king size one. So… it looks like a snowman!
Of course I already tried this campaign. I ordered 「nuts to you」ice cream as a king size, and 「chocolate-holic」ice cream as a small size. It was soooooo delicious and made happy! If you like ice cream, you will absolutely like it! I am about to be hooked!!
I paste the 31 official site.

Enjoy it! ( 176 words )


a large number of books... what for??

Hello! Do you see these books? I borrowed these books at KGU library. What for?
It is for my assignments. I was given them as a summer vacation assignments.

First, I have to write about the book review in my blog. This blog is for my writing class. So I rent these English books for book review.

Second, I will investigate about my seminar topic. My main topic is Black English. It is as known as Ebonics. So, I lent Black English grammar and pronunciation and history books. I think it is very useful for my study.

Third, I want to brush up my English skill more and more during in this vacation. Especially, I want to study everyday conversation. In spring semester, I had many chances to talk with international students. But I couldn’t express my feeling and opinion so much at that time. So, I think that I will improve and make good use of my English conversation skill. (226 words)

And finally, I am planning about my future now. And I am interested to the Tukansi(通関士)(sorry, I don’t know how to say tukansi in English.) it sounds good and interesting for me, so I will collect some information about it, and consider it.

Anyway, this vacation will be busy and very full, I think.