Diary 2-4 English Weekend!

Hey everyone! How's going? Last weekend, I had a very good time. Yes, last weekend, English Weekend was held! I joined this event as stuff, so I went to nishigoshi kenshuujo on Friday.
On Friday night, we had a drinking party at there, and hoped the success from tomorrow. It was so enjoyable! And it is the first time for me to drinking with friends and international students of KGU, so we had a lot of fun! We were so drunk, and dancing having some games… anyway, it was an awesome time!
Of course, we stayed up late, and went to bed over 4 AM although we have to wake up at 7 AM! It was like a hell when we woke up. Anyway, Saturday was it goes on, we welcomed guests. A number of guests were 70 or more! The kennshuujo was so crowded! At the lunch time, we cooked tacos! And Mr. Tomei brought some Avocados, so we cooked wakamore! It was soooooo yammy! We dipped chips into it, and eat. It was sooo good! I thought I will cook it in my house! I love wakamore~!!
And, in dinner time, we had BBQ!! It was little cold in outside, but felt good to have BBQ. We enjoyed chatting, taking pictures, and of course eating!
And Saturday night, we arranged for drinking party again! We enjoyed it again! We had girls talking, coming out, and chugalugging! But, on Sunday, I had to cook tonjiru, so I went to bed earlier than other friends.
On Sunday, we had some games and cooked tonjiru! And on our way to KGU, we went to pick up mikan and peer. It was the first time to do it, I enjoyed it!
I hope that we can hold event like this someday! Wonderful weekend!! (305 words)

about tonjiru

On English Weekend, we cooked a tonjiru! It was so hard because it was 100 of food! Do you imagine? We used 4 pots! It was like we are cooking kyuusyoku! By the way, What do you usually put in as a solid pieces? Then, we put carrots, daikon, devil's tongue, dasheen, burdock root, and pork in the pot! Do you know the order to put solid pieces into a pot? The first is carrot and burdock root. Because, these are hard to heat up. ( 90 words)


List3 Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon is the big gorge that is placed in the north side of Arizona State. This canyon was originally a Colorado tableland, and present landform was encroached by Colorado River. We can see a bedding place from the Precambrian to Permian period. This canyon has a worth of history of the earth and these magnificent views are included the Grand Canyon national park. In 1979, this was registered on The World Heritage.
The average of this is about 1200m depth, 446km long, 6~29km width, and the deepest point is 1800m depth. Anyway this canyon is tremendous!!
It is said that the human have lived 10500years ago, and Native American has lived at least 4000years ago. There are over 1500 plants, 355 birds, 89 mammalian, 47 reptiles, 9 amphibians, and 17 fishes in this national park.
About 4000000 visitors are coming there every year all over the world. This canyon has north rim and south rim, the main sightseeing spot is south rim. South rim has six inns, gift shop, bank, super market, and station. And also, free shuttle bus runs for three lines.
Visitors come to there by car or by plane. It takes 5 hours by car, and 1 hour by plane. (208 words)

Book review 2-7 Washington D.C

Everyone of all over the world might have ever heard the name “Washington D.C” at least once.
This is the capital city of the United States of America. Twenty million visitors come here every year from all countries of the world. But many visitors are Americans. They want to see the home of their government, and they also want to see their president.

In 1789, the united states were still small country. George Washington became a president and he named the land the District of Colombia. The main buildings are the Capitol, and the White House.
The capitol is the government building work started before the beginning of the civil war. Today, we can visit many of the rooms and walk around the beautiful rotunda that is painted pictures and statues of important people in American history. And, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is the most famous address in America. Do you know where it is? It’s the home of the President of the United States. This house started in 1792. The president’s office is in the west of the building. It’s called the Oval Office.
There are many monuments and memorials in addition to these buildings. It is The Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and so on. The Washington Memorial is nearly 170 meters high and it’s a monument to America’s first president, George Washington. The Lincoln memorial is thirty-six columns round this wonderful white memorial. In the center stands a statue of Abraham Lincoln, nearly six meters high. Between the memorial building and the Washington Monument is a reflecting pool. When you visit there in the sunset time, memorial is reflected in the pool. It is so beautiful. The Vietnam Veterans, you can see two long big walls. Over 59000 American soldiers didn’t come back from the Vietnam War. Their names are on these walls.
There are many histories in Washington D.C! ( 317 words)