Movie Review 3 Romeo and Juliet

The two biggest powerful families in Verona City are the Montagues and Capulets and these two families have been feuding with each other for a long time. Because of this, young people are fighting every day on the street.

One day, Romeo, who is the only son of the Montague family slips into a party that is being held by the Capulets to find his friend Rosaline, the girl Romeo loves. But, the inside the party, his attention is stolen not by Rosaline, but by one beautiful young girl. He is smitten with this girl. Immediately after their eyes met, they fall in love at first sight. But, her name is Juliet Capulet. She is the only daughter of the Capulest, the Montagues rivals. However, even this deep rivalry can’t stop their love. That night, they sincerely swear their love at the pool, the balcony, and near the window.

The very next day, Juliet sneaks away from the fiancé that her parents decided without her permission and goes to the church. With the help of Romeo’s good adviser Farther Laurence, Romeo and Juliet get married secretly.

But an incident is happened. When Romeo’s friend Marcutio and Benvolio are walking through the street near Capulet’s house, Juliet’s cousin Tybalt finds them. Tybalt hates the Montague family, and of course he hates Romeo, too. Tybalt starts to challenge them to a fight and then Romeo shows up. But Romeo doesn’t want to fight, because he loves Juliet so he doesn’t want to feud with the Capulets any more. However his two friends can’t understand his thinking, so they ignore Romeo and take up the fight that Tybalt has provoked. And then, Tybalt's knife stabs Mercutio, and he loses his life in place of Romeo. To avenge the death of his friend, Romeo kills Tybalt. This news makes the Capulet family so angry, and they banish Romeo from Verona City. Juliet is heartbroken to hear this news and at the same time, her father sets the wedding date for her marriage to Paris.

Romeo’s good adviser, Father Laurence, has an idea. It is that before the marriage with Paris, Juliet takes a potion that makes it look like she is dead. After the funeral, she wakes from her death-like sleep and then, elopes with Romeo. They try to send this plan to Romeo, however, unfortunately, the news that Juliet died arrives to Romeo first. Romeo loses his hope and comes to the church where Juliet body is lying in preparation for the funeral. He decides he will die beside her by taking some real poison he brought.

In the moment he drunk a poison, Juliet awakes. Romeo is surprised and dies taking his last breath. Juliet become so happy because she meets him again, however this happiness soon changes grief after she realized Romeo was dead. There is no longer any reason for her to live, so she grabs the gun that Romeo brought, and put the muzzle to her temple.

My opinion
Of course as you know, the original work of this movie is Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. The words of a play are the same as the original. But, other parts are changed into a modern style. The Montagues and the Capulets are not a family but a gang, and they are living not in a castle but in a high-rise building. The heroes are wearing Aloha shirts or modern dress, and they fight duels with not swords but guns.

Flamboyant colors decorate the screen very brightly, and the camerawork is very innovative. So we can enjoy the mood that a little different from original version. There are some romantic scenes in this movie. My favorite is the scene that Romeo and Juliet under the bed sheets. This movie has very strong romantic elements, so it is probably more liked by girls than boys.

It has been 12 years since this movie was made. Leonard Dicaprio and Claire Danes are so young in this movie. Now, they have become even more famous for their movie roles. (749 words)

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