Don't stop the music!!

Hi! Everyone! How are you doing??
I am listening to this music.

This singer is Rhianna who is very famous singer all over the world.
Although I have some favorite things of her songs, this is my latest favorite.
When I listen to this song, every time it makes me excited, and I want to go to the night clubs. I want to dance to the rhythm of this song. It must be fun!!
If I go to the night clubs and the DJ played this song, I will shout loudly
「Please don’t stop the music!!」(102 words)

self introduction

My name is Yoshie Mori. I’m 24 years old. I am a transfer student of KGU and majoring in English. Now, I am a junior. I am enjoying my campus life, because KGU has many useful institutions for my student life.

There are 5 members in my family, father, mother, brother, sister, and me. We have 4 doggies. They are so lovely.

My home town is Kokai, in Kumamoto city. Kokai is what is called old down town, and many people who live there have a lot of heart.

My hobby is watching movies and listening to music. I watch all genre of movies except science fiction. My favorite music is HIP-HOP and R&B. I am also interested in foreign culture, and fashion. On weekend, I often go to night clubs. They are full of loud HIP-HOP and R&B music and we can drink so much and many people are dancing on the floor. It makes me excited!

By the way, of course I study hard! My interested subjects are Black English, Cultural Anthropology, and Native American culture. I am also planning to go study abroad as an exchange student. And I want to study at a university in U.S, and want to experience foreign culture during my stay at your home! I hope that I will be able to assimilate some of it. My goal is to get over 800 points on the TOEIC.

I am looking forward to meeting you and having a lot of fun experiences. See you soon!(255words)


Book review 1-10 Martin Luther King

I read the book what was written about Martin Luther King.
He was born on 15th Jan 1929 in Atlanta Georgia. His family was not poor and they had enough money to live comfortably. He was loved by his parents, and had good neighbors. But, Kings were black people. Blacks and whites lived in different parts world at that time. For example, restaurants, schools, bathrooms and buses were separated from white people. Because, black people have been treated as a slave until 19 century. And though the slavery was abolished in 1865 by Lincoln, many white people were thinking about blacks and whites are different, and they don’t admit the blacks are human. When King was fifteen, he went to college in Atlanta, and he wanted to be a teacher like his teachers. But later, he become to think about he want to be a minister. He went to college for ministers in Pennsylvania, in the north, and met a many white students whose are friendly to King. He realized that Blacks and Whites don’t have to hate each other.
In his last year in college, King went to hearing a talk about the Gandhi. Gandhi had fought against the British in India. But they had not fought with guns. They used non-violent ways of fighting. This talk made King so excited and he became to fight segregation without armies in the south. In the Southside, there were still many segregation and racism.
Later, things were beginning to change. In the south, new laws against segregation were passed. But white people in the south decided to fight against these laws. And also, in this time, King has decided fight segregation in the south. He and his followers refused to ride in the buses after Rosa Parks was arrested. This is Bus boycott in 1955, and in 1960, they found a new way of protesting –sit in-
And then 1963, a thousand children joined a protest march through Birmingham, and they gathered at Washington D.C. and asked for equal rights for Black Americans.
More than 200,000 marched on Washington. Marin Luther King stood in front of the statue of Abraham Lincoln and made the most famous speech of his life.
「I have a dream」
He said. His dream was of an America where blacks and whites would be equal and live together in peace. This speech was shown on television all over the world. People cried when they heard Martin’s words. Things must change now, they thought. The country was full of hope in the future of America. This speech made him so famous. But yet there were also people who hated this minister. Less than 5 years after his speech in Washington, he was shot dead.
When people heard of his death, there was so much sadness. But there was also anger. Black people rioted. They burned buildings and fought the police. Many black people were killed in these riots.
15 years after his death, the American government made his birthday a national holiday. Today, he is remembered as one of the greatest Americans of the 20th century.( 528words)

Essay 1-5 The worst day in my life.

My worst day in my life is to be infected with Noro virus. I was given this virus from my friend!

When I and she went to the bar, I ordered non alcohol drink and she ordered a glass of cocktail. After these drinks was brought, I thought that a cocktail what she ordered is looked tasty. So, I asked her to take a sip of this drink after she took it. It was very good! And we have a very good time in this night.

Next morning, I woke up with having a loose bowels and I run in the toilet. In addition to this, I was sick at my stomach and felt like throw up. Then, I developed a fever, so my father took me to the hospital and check with the doctor.

The result of diagnosis was Noro. He asked me that did I ate some foods that are different from my family ate. I answered NO, because I had lunch and dinner with my family and ate same foods. Anyway, I was put on a drip, and gave some medicines. After went back at home, I was isolated from my family.

In couple of days, I couldn’t eat anything and just drunk water or and some apples. And thanks to it, I have lost my weight for 2 kg.

After recover from it, I was talking with my friend. And I told her that I was infected with Noro, then, she told me that she was infected with it before I was caught it! So, I took the NORO virus through the glass of cocktail at that time! Oh my god! Unbelievable!

So, you all guys must be careful! (292words)