Movie review 5 「Mask」

Stanley: he is a bank clerk. Although he has a sweet heart, he is a shy and boring man.

Tina: she is a sexy singer of the night club ‘Bongo-Bongo”.

Dorian: he is a member of the gang, and planning a bank rubbery.

Milo: he is Stanley’s pet. He is cute and clever.

Stanley is a young shy man who works in a bank. And he is smitten with Tina who is the singer of the night club “Bongo-Bongo” at first sight when he meets her at the bank. Actually, Tina was frightened by Dorian into obeying him to help his plan. One day, Stanley discovers a mask in the sea after he tried to rescue what he thought was a man who was drowning. This mask was pictured as the Norse god of tricks and deception, Loki.
When Stanley puts on the mask, he is transformed into a brightly, fearless, and active man who is wearing yellow colored suits and having a green colored face. And more, he learns mysterious power that he can do anything what he wants to do. He takes revenge for all of those who made fun of him by this power.
Next morning, he wakes up thinking it was a dream. But, he is scared after watched the news from TV because it was same as what he did yesterday with the mask. However he couldn’t give up his passionate love for Tina. So he put on the Mask again, and goes to the bank, because he needs money. And Dorian and his party are trying to get into the Bank at the same time.
He beat Dorian and his confederates down and goes to Bongo-Bongo, dances with Tina and he succeeds with grabbing her heart. She also likes him, however, Stanley (Mask) is framed as a suspect of bank rubbery from the polis. Although he tries to escape from them, he was arrested and put in jail. Dorian snatched his mask.

Stanly gets back the mask with the help of his dog Milo, puts on it again and defeats Dorian and his gang. Finally, he saves Tina and kisses her.

My opinion
The tempo of this story line is so good and we don't find unbalanced sense of laughing in this movie because this movie was made as going down well with everyone. Especially, the computer graphics are very funny! I can't help but laugh at it.
And, I love Stanley's dog name is Milo! He is so clever and faithful for him. However, I never thought that even he put into the mask, so, I was so surprised when he did it.
Anyway, this movie is good for laughing! We can watch this when we get together as a home party or drinking party. This movie is easy to understand the storyline and included many senses of laughing!
Cameron Diaz is still young and not sophisticated yet in this movie, however her figure is so nice! Everyone, especially girls can't help but adore her! Jim Carry is all that as a comedian!
So, good! (524 words)


Speech Cntest!!

In this week, on Friday, the speech contest will be held. I will participate for it because I want to join many activities that a university holds.
Buuuuuuuut!! It’s so difficult to prepare for speech paper. In different to daily conversation, the speech needs more polite and formal grammar. I don’t become familiar with these grammar and vocabulary, so it’s so hard to make a composition. Anyway, I have only 2 days for contest, so I have to practice for make a speech. And also I want an attitude that I can feel easily even if I stand in front of many audiences because I have a chicken heart!! (112 words)


Diary My favorite Christmas song

Hey guys! It's now Christmas season!!
Do you know this song?

This song title is "This Christmas". This song was originally recorded by Donny Hathaway and was released in 1970. Since Hathaway's original version, it has become a modern standard Christmas song, covered by a wide range of artists.

This is a Chris Brown version, and this was filmed as a music video and advertisement of the movie that he is staring, "This Christmas".
And I also like the version Joe is singing.

So sweet and heart warming!! (98 words)


nabe nabe!

Oh~! Everyday it’s too cold to do anything out side! We can have “nabe” in our house in this season! “nabe” has been familiar that this is a special feature of winter season to Japanese people for a long time. Picking food out of a pot is regarded that we are good fellow. Anyway, there are many people like nabe! And, which kind of nabe do you like? I like kimuchinabe, mizorenabe, and tukunenabe!
I and my friends will be having a nabe party in this or next week. I am sooooo looking forward to do it! (100 words)


Essay 4 Toy Story

Woody: He is a cheerful old cowboy doll made of wood, and a leader among Andy’s toys. He speaks humorous thing if the string in his buck is pulled. Andy loves him so much because he likes pretends to be a cowboy by using Woody.

Buzz: He comes to Andy’s house when Andy’s Birthday and he is the latest space ranger having many devices in his body. At first, he believes he is not a toy, but a real ranger, and he can fly. Because of this, he is a little selfish. However, after noticed he is a toy and while he is living with Woody, his mind changes. His killer line is “To infinity and beyond!”

Mr. Potato head: He is a potato head doll made in U.S.A., and his parts like eyes, nose, and mouth are changeable as we like. Although he is cynical and has doubtful mind, he has a good fellow feeling. He was looking for his wife called Mrs. Potato head.

Slinky dog: he is a dog doll and his trunk is made of spring, and he is Woody’s good friend. His body is so convenient that this is used for many scenes. Although he is a little meddler, he believes his friends so much.

Rex: Although he is a Tyrannosaurus doll made in U.S Company, he has lovely face and his character is bashful and chickenhearted. His torment at the present moment is that his appearance is not packing enough punch.

Andy: he is an impressionable boy and the possessor of many toys including Woody. He signs his name to his toys, and treats with it considerately.

Sid: He is a boy living a house next to Andy’s house. He is scared by his friends and toys. Because he likes to disassemble a toy and dangerous game using toys.

Woody is an old doll made of wood. He is loved by his owner, Andy, and spends his life happily with his toy friends.
One day, the latest action doll Buzz Lightyear come Andy’s house. Woody’s position is taken from him by Buzz. And also, Buzz assumes that he is a real space ranger keeping the space peacefully, so that Woody and his friends can’t be talking at cross-purposes with Buzz.
One day, woody and Buzz fly out the out side, and are caught by a rascal boy, Sid. They know that their lives will be gone if they were caught by Sid.
Unfortunately, Andy’s family going to move to other place! They will never meet Andy again if they don’t cooperate to each other and run away from Sid. Woody and Buzz obtains the help of toys that became a victim of Sid, finally beat him down. They chase Andy’s car at a terrific speed, and slide into the car.

My opinion
this movie has many attractive characters! On the whole, it is a happy story, however, very important things in the life are hidden in each scene.
And, although this is the theme of Toy Story2, I will write to this. For dolls or toys, which are happier, pray with children though they are made their body dirty, or be displayed as a collection being kept cleanly? It seems very difficult for us because we are neither dolls nor toys. However, I think for dolls or toys, perhaps they want to be prayed by children because they exist as a toy. Of course I have some dolls that I was given from my parents when I was a child, so, I will give some of these to my niece. And if she prays with these, my dolls will be happy. (612 words)


List9 My favorite Wagashi

1 Kudzukiri
Kudzukiri is made from Kudzu starch. Kudzu is one of the plants that including many denpun into their roots.
We add water to Kudzu starch and heat it, and make it hard thinly. This sweets are usually eaten with syrup.

2 Ichigo daihuku
And Ichigo Daihuku is that whole straw belly is filled with sweet bean jam, and soft rice cake fills it. The sweetness of bean jam and sour-sweet flavor of straw belly matches well.

3 Senbei
Senbei is the Japanese cracker made from glutinous rice. this has many seasoned flavors like soy source, sesame, sugar. My favorite flavor is black sesame!(109 words)

Book review 2-13 Forty Years of Pop

What is POP? This book says POP is popular music. And who is the first pop artist? Do you know? It is Elvis Presley. His song Heart Break Hotel was sold in eight million. It was the first modern pop music and the history of pop was started from here.

Elvis was born in tupelo, Mississippi in 1935. When he was a child, he goes to the church with his father and listens the R&B. he debuts in 1956, and he became famous. Girls like him, and boys want to be like him.
In 60’s, some people calls it is the Golden time for POP. For young people, pop became very important music in their life, and became a big business. In many artists, one artist from California became very popular. It is Beach Boys having the surfing sound. This artist is said that they are the most successful group in 60’s. And in addition this, there are more successful group. For example, they are Supremes, Bob Dylan, and Otis Redding.
And, two artists from UK became very famous. It is Beatles, and Rolling Stones. Until then, the popular music artists are all from U.S. However, these groups grab young people’s heart. Although the Beatles already have split up, The Rolling Stone is active even now.

In the 70’s many people become thinking that pop is boring. In stead of this, two genre of music were came into the spotlight. It is progressive rock, and heavy metal. Pink Floyed and Led Zeppelin got many spotlights for them. And in London, a new strong music was made. This is Punk music, the music of the seventies. Sex pistols debuted in 1975, and this band became popular immediately among young people. Their music was so loud and quite violent.

In 80’s, new pop music was born. The biggest pop superstar is, as you know, Michael Jackson. He debuted to music scene as a Jackson Five when he was a child. He was talented, and had much wonderful dance skill. And the other eighties superstar is Madonna. She has good voice and dance skill like Michael Jackson. And her music is loud, pop, fast, and exciting like disco music.

In 90’s, new genre of music became popular. This is rap music. Now, rap is sung in HIP-HOP music. The rap was born among Black people who are living in the environment of violent dangerous and poor in 70’s. The biggest different between Rap music and other kind of music is the way of singing. They speak their lyrics so fast over music, and they rhyme rhythmically. This new way of singing became so popular among Black people and white people.
In 21 century, many talented artists debuts every year. They always create new music style and make us so excited. (473 words)


Stomp The Yard

Last week, I watched this movie.

This movie title is Stomp the yard.

Story: a main character "DJ" is a street dancer who is earning money with his elder brother Duron in underground dance competition in Los Angels. One day, they joined this battle competition. Although they won the battle, their opponents explode and they kill Duron. DJ became an ex-convict by fighting, and he moves to Atlanta where his aunt lives. And also, he is decided to go to university by his aunt and uncle.

Although DJ doesn’t like to go to there, one day, he meets the one dance style show named “Stomp” in the campus of university. At that night, he goes to the night club and shows other university students his street dance. His dance skills get well-known among university students, and he is invited to two famous Stomp team in University. One is the "μ gamma Zaii"、and the other is "theta new theta".
At first, he is not interested in Stomp, however, he realizes the pleasure of this dance.

Stomp is the stepping that making a sound with hands and legs with rhythm accurately. In this movie, DJ develops through the human relations or anguishes. Last dance battle scene is so wonderful! Persons who likes dance will be fun!
(219 words)


Book review12 Audrey Hepburn

I think many people know Audrey Hepburn. Some people say “she is one of the greatest and most beautiful actresses all over the world”, other says “she is a fairy in the screen”. This is the story about the famous actress and one ordinary lady.

Audrey was born in Brussels, Bergin, in 1929. When she was a child, she met music, and dancing, so she began to do Ballet. When she was 15 years old, she was already talented Ballet dancer. But she was said from her Ballet teacher. “You can’t be a Ballet dancer, because, you are too tall.”

After the World WarⅡ, her family moved to London with no money. Her mother worked so hard to earn money and Audrey also earned money by acting some small part in TV program and musical. One day, she met a small part in a big London musical fatefully. Everybody liked this Musical and her with the pretty face and wide smile. When she was 20 years, her face appeared in many magazines. And, when she was staying in French to shooting a scene, the female author Colette found her. She was looking for her musical heroine. She saw Audrey at the first sight, and she shouted “I found my musical heroine!!” Audrey was given a roll of famous musical heroine “Gigi”.

And she passed the audition in Roman holiday, and acted a cute and beautiful princess. She debuted in Hollywood, and her name became so famous in a single bound. Every movie director around her wanted her to star in some movies. But she thought that she wanted to star not in the Movie, but in the Musical. As a result, she also made a success in musical. After this movie, she stared in some famous movies, like “Sabrina”, “Break fast in Tiffany”, and “My Fair Lady”. These movies made many people love her.

When she was becoming older, she thought that she wanted to do something more important with her life. She remembered her early years, at the end of the war, she was poor and hungry. So she decided to work to help poor and hungry children in United Nations. Working in United Nation, she gave many loves and hopes for poor and hungry children. They loved her so much and many people all over the world were impressed with her energetic activity.

On January 20 1993, Audrey Hepburn died. She was 64 years old. Her good friend Elizabeth Taylor said “God has a beautiful new angel!”
However, although actually she is very famous movie star, she had expressions like ordinary ladies. She was poor when she was a child, and she got divorced twice that she didn’t want to. And she gave a birth her son and brought him up like ordinary mother. She tasted the sadness of love like ordinary lady, and tasted to be an ordinary mother.

Still after her death, there are many young girls who don’t know about her young age adore her. People will never forget this beautiful, graceful, and affectionate lady. (518 words)


List8 31ice cream flavors!!

I like 31 ice cream because this ice shop has many tasteful flavors!!
I introduce my favorite flavors.

Nuts to you: this is for nuts fun! There 5 kinds of nuts like wall nuts, peanuts, and almonds in it.

Strawberry cheese cake: this is included strawberry pulp, jam, and rich taste cheese cake.

Rocky road: A bitter chocolate holds almond, and marshmallow. The appearance of this ice looks like a lugged rock, so this ice was given the name, Rocky road!!

And, 31 ice cream has seasonal flavor! Of course in November, too! Many kinds of seasonal flavors have come! Cappuccino Biscotti, Pumpkin pudding, and Base ball park! Base ball ice is included popcorns, pretzels, and peanuts! This ice makes us happy like we are in the Baseball Park!!
(134 words)

Diary English Weekend Party

Hello guys! How are you?
Last Friday, we held an English Weekend stuff party, what is called “utiage” in Japanese!
We went to the restaurant called “Happy Fish”. The interior of this restaurant have an image of the tropical island bar. The floor was given off faint light, the table and roof was made of wood and palm tree. We felt that we were in the tropical island. Dishes in this restaurant were also good! I liked pork nabe included grated daikon. We call it mizorenabe. It was good! We spent good times each other.
After the utiage, we went to night club with international students. They danced very well! After the night club, we went to Karaoke with one girl. It was just two of us! But we enjoyed singing, and talking about our personal life. It was a girl talk!! After the Karaoke, I went to another night club where I went to before. The party of the 4th anniversary of my friend’s clothing shop was being held there. I also drunk some alcohols, and danced with my favorite song. It was a great and crazy night! Although many guys were drinking and drunk so much, we had a very good time!! It was a crazy schedule on last Friday! (217 words)


List 7 favorite doggies

Dobermans were investigated in German in 19th century and they have been used as a sniffer dog. The name comes from the investigator, Carl Luis Doberman. This dog has short and smooth body hair, a highly developed sense of smell and muscles. So their appearance is so cool. Originally, they had had long ears and a long tail. But these were cut for improvement for their skill as a police dog. They faithfully obey their boss’s order.

Labrador retriever
Labrador retriever came from Labrador district in Canada, and was brought to England. Originally, they were big sized dogs that were trained as a retriever. However, they are now active all over the world as a police dog, Seeing Eye dog and drag dog. And more, they can work as a water rescue dog thanks for their water-proof body hair. Their character is calm, gentry, and they like children, so they are popular as a home dog.

Dachshund came from German, and their name Dachs mean the bear in Germany.
Their body is very characteristic. The body is long, however their feet are very short in compared with their body. This dog is divided to two types, one is a standard type, and another is miniature type. These two types of them both have 3 types body hair, one is long, one is short, and another is wire haired. Present day, miniature types are very popular among all over the world, because their sizes are convenient to have in the house.

German shepherd
Shepherd comes from German and it means hitujikai in English. This type of dog is very clever with training. Originally, they had been used as a sheep dog, and now they are used as a police dog, military dog, or Seeing Eye dog. Their appearance looks like a wolf and have strong body. their body hair is dark brown, and mixed. (319 words)


Movie Review 3 Romeo and Juliet

The two biggest powerful families in Verona City are the Montagues and Capulets and these two families have been feuding with each other for a long time. Because of this, young people are fighting every day on the street.

One day, Romeo, who is the only son of the Montague family slips into a party that is being held by the Capulets to find his friend Rosaline, the girl Romeo loves. But, the inside the party, his attention is stolen not by Rosaline, but by one beautiful young girl. He is smitten with this girl. Immediately after their eyes met, they fall in love at first sight. But, her name is Juliet Capulet. She is the only daughter of the Capulest, the Montagues rivals. However, even this deep rivalry can’t stop their love. That night, they sincerely swear their love at the pool, the balcony, and near the window.

The very next day, Juliet sneaks away from the fiancé that her parents decided without her permission and goes to the church. With the help of Romeo’s good adviser Farther Laurence, Romeo and Juliet get married secretly.

But an incident is happened. When Romeo’s friend Marcutio and Benvolio are walking through the street near Capulet’s house, Juliet’s cousin Tybalt finds them. Tybalt hates the Montague family, and of course he hates Romeo, too. Tybalt starts to challenge them to a fight and then Romeo shows up. But Romeo doesn’t want to fight, because he loves Juliet so he doesn’t want to feud with the Capulets any more. However his two friends can’t understand his thinking, so they ignore Romeo and take up the fight that Tybalt has provoked. And then, Tybalt's knife stabs Mercutio, and he loses his life in place of Romeo. To avenge the death of his friend, Romeo kills Tybalt. This news makes the Capulet family so angry, and they banish Romeo from Verona City. Juliet is heartbroken to hear this news and at the same time, her father sets the wedding date for her marriage to Paris.

Romeo’s good adviser, Father Laurence, has an idea. It is that before the marriage with Paris, Juliet takes a potion that makes it look like she is dead. After the funeral, she wakes from her death-like sleep and then, elopes with Romeo. They try to send this plan to Romeo, however, unfortunately, the news that Juliet died arrives to Romeo first. Romeo loses his hope and comes to the church where Juliet body is lying in preparation for the funeral. He decides he will die beside her by taking some real poison he brought.

In the moment he drunk a poison, Juliet awakes. Romeo is surprised and dies taking his last breath. Juliet become so happy because she meets him again, however this happiness soon changes grief after she realized Romeo was dead. There is no longer any reason for her to live, so she grabs the gun that Romeo brought, and put the muzzle to her temple.

My opinion
Of course as you know, the original work of this movie is Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. The words of a play are the same as the original. But, other parts are changed into a modern style. The Montagues and the Capulets are not a family but a gang, and they are living not in a castle but in a high-rise building. The heroes are wearing Aloha shirts or modern dress, and they fight duels with not swords but guns.

Flamboyant colors decorate the screen very brightly, and the camerawork is very innovative. So we can enjoy the mood that a little different from original version. There are some romantic scenes in this movie. My favorite is the scene that Romeo and Juliet under the bed sheets. This movie has very strong romantic elements, so it is probably more liked by girls than boys.

It has been 12 years since this movie was made. Leonard Dicaprio and Claire Danes are so young in this movie. Now, they have become even more famous for their movie roles. (749 words)

WEI question

1. What is your usual writing/blogging schedule each week? Where do write/blog?
I write my writing post on weekdays, because I have a part time job on weekend.
I write some blog topics at my house or library.

2. Please look at your first post from spring term and compare it with what you are writing now. What improvements do you see with your English and what do you think you should work on to improve?
It seems that my grammar skill has improved. And I should recheck my blog topic and memorize new vocabularies what I studied.

3. What are your opinions of doing movie reviews? Please talk about the time it takes and the availability of the movies.
I think this is very important to learn English grammar because Mr. Tomei could check and touch up my composition.

4. Please give your suggestions for the class
Nothing special.

5. Please give some advice to the students who will take this class next year.
It is pretty hard to reach 15000 words. But, it is important that we do this assiduously.



Hey! Everyone! How have you been? It is getting colder day by day. So, I need to buy some clothing for winter!! First, of all, I opened my closet and checked which items are needed in my closet. In this winter, poncho is becoming popular. And then, I bought it with purple colored. It is so cute! Purple is a trend color in this season. And second, I bought two boots from net shopping; one is casual brown boot, another is formal black boot. Black one is very convenient if I have one, because this boot is suitable for any fashion. Brown one is very cool and wild, so I want to wear with some casual fashionable clothes! And… yes, I know I buy too much, however I need one more important item. It is bag. But I didn’t buy it but was given it from my friend who had lived in U.S. she get a job and moves, so she has to tidy up in her house. So, she gave me a good bag! It is so comfortable size to use it everyday. I put any stationeries and stuffs I need at the school in this bag, and commute to there. these items will makes me enjoy and happy in school life! (215 words)


Do you know Guacamole? This is one of the Mexican foods and made from Avocado. I ate this dish when I went to California as a home stay. It was soooooo delicious! I tried to ask my friend’s host mother how to cook this dish however I couldn’t. But, fortunately, I could meet this dish again on English Weekend!! Mr. Tomei brought many Avocados. We cooked many Guacamoles together!! And it was, so good!! And I also tried to cook dish at my house. I prepare onion, tomato, lemon juice, some spices, and of course avocado. After finished to cook, my mom tried to eat. She liked this so much! She told me that she might be hooked on it! I liked my Guacamole very much. I want to try again! ( 132 words)


List 6 Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef is the world biggest coral reef that placed to the Queensland seashore in northeast Australia. It consists of 3000 coral reefs and 900 islands, and total length is 2600km. in 1981, it was registered to World Heritage. These coral reeves are growing up even now. Great Barrier Reef is popular sightseeing spot for resort, scuba diving, and cruising. Lately, this spot became the setting for a movie「Finding Nimo」.
But, some environmental problems happen to there. The most serious problem is global warming. And badly, it is said that visiting by tourists is linked to destroying coral reef.
(110 words)


Movie Review2 Shcool Of Rock

Dewey: He is a member of of an unsuccessful Rock n Roll band. Although He loves Rock so much, his character is unprecedented(??). So, he was fired by his band. He is a good-for-nothing who thinks his most important thing is Rock music.

Principal Mullins: She is the “stiff “principle of the “strict” prep school. But, actually she loves the Rock n Roll.

Ned: He is Dewey’s best friend. He is kind, however, his girl friend Patty treats him as a pushover. Although he wanted to be a Rock n Roller, now he gave up being it, and he and Patty consider themselves to be something sensible.

Story: Dewey is a man who loves Rock n roll and a member of the Rock n Roll band. But, because he loves it too much, he often goes crazy and makes himself a nuisance to other band members. So finally, he is fired from this band. Dewey rents a room with Ned, however he can’t pay the rent and is imminent to be kicked out. One day, he catches an incoming call. The call is a commission to be a substitute teacher for a prep school for Ned. But, Dewey catches this incoming phone and he pretended to be Ned and went to the school to earn money and to pay the rent. This school is a private prep school “Horance Green Prep” with tight, strict rules. He became a fifth grade class teacher, however his students eager to study and no one like Rock n Roll, not only that, no one is interested in music. Dewey thinks about it impatiently, and wants the students to have an interest about music. And he discovered that his students have music talent, so he has an idea that makes some students entry for the Band Contest few weeks later. The reason is not for students but him, it is to get the prize money and to siphon off it into his own pocket.

My opinion: Anyway, Jack Black is typecast of Dewey, I think. He is really good-for-nothing, and selfish, however we can’t dislike him. And also we can truely understand how much he loves the Rock n roll . In his real life, he forms a Band and is very active. Unlike the movie, this band is so popular in U.S, and they have played their songs in the MTV music award. Including this movie, there are many music movies all over the entire world. For example, Sister Act, Music Of Heart, Brass. The Theme that human hearts grows into one through the music is common in these movies.
And, I ultimately think the music is really good. No one dislikes the music. Everyone absolutely has a favorite music genre. The happiness of singing, the happiness of dancing in time to music is the common happiness all over the world. I enjoyed watching this movie. (473 words)

The new hair style…

I’m thinking about that I will change my hair style. Now, I am having extension hair in my hair. But, it is difficult to care and wash it. These problems made me to think to cut my hair. My favorite singer Rihanna has lately her hair cut shortly. It looks so cute! I like short hair style and I had my hair kept short for 5 years until last year, so I want to try it again. But, I like long hair style, too. Lon hair style is gorgeous, sexy, and we can do many arranges to our hair style. Anyway I am puzzled between two symmetry hair styles. Ah~~~! Doshiyo~~! (115 words)

Book review 2-11 American life

This book is written about a life for “an average American”.
The America is a very big country. And the biggest state is Alaska. But population is only 500,000. California has more people than any other state, more than 31,000,000. New York City is very small, but it is the biggest city not only in U.S., but all over the world.
And New York has very tall building; it is the Empire state building, 381 meters tall. The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco in California is 1,280 meters long.
The U.S.A is also known as an immigrant country. The first people in America are of course Native American, and since 17th century, many people have come to America after Mayflower ship had arrived. In 18th century, America had independenced from England, and new country was born. George Washington became a first president. Today, we can see the first president and some executive people when they look at dollars.
About the American life, most state has many suburbs, and these are very far from shopping mall. So people usually drive a big car to get to there, and buy foods or some products for a week. Mall is very important to many Americans. Young people meet their friends there, and in bad weather, some people go for a work in the mall.
There are many different kinds of food in the U.S. many people make foods from their old countries. And, “First Food” began in America. A Typical American food is “hot dog”. But 50% American think they are fat. The one of reasons is food. American Foods are cheap, and a lot of oil.
Most houses in the U.S. are wood. Most houses have three or more bedrooms and two bathrooms. An average houses costs $150,000.
Americans love their cars. There are many songs, books, and movies about the cars in U.S! There are 200,000,000 cars on the roads! In most states, Americans can drive alone when they became sixteen. Life without the car is very difficult for Americans. Schools, stores, and work are usually a long way from house. Some towns and cities do not have public transportation systems although it is the big. Most Americans drive everywhere.
Of curse this country also has problems. The gap between rich and poor people is very big. And in the U.S., the gun is easy to get, so the number of crimes is getting higher. The problem of “colors” is very serious. Many colored people are living in there, however the racism is still existed.
There are four most famous sports in the U.S. these are Basket Ball, American Foot Ball, Base Ball, and Hockey are the biggest!!
The U.S. is also famous for the center of Entertainment. Some movies, musicals, and music festivals are there. these are always fascinate and smites us. (473 words)