Book review 1-2 「The mummy」

I read 「the mummy」in this time, and I will introduce about an outline in this movie.

This story is set in ancient Egypt, and starts from the high-ranking priest and king's wife fall in prohibited love. Of course, this love wasn't accomplished. And the king’s wife annakusunamn was killed, and the priest Imhotep was executed. But, before executed, Imhotep has left the book to raise annakusunamn and to rise himself.

After 3000 year, there are scientist brothers in Egypt, the brother’s name is Jonnathan, and younger sister’s name is Evryn. They studies about the history of pharaoh, and they are also searching for Hamnaptra where is called the city of dead. They met an American treasure hunter O’cornell. Each person has their own purposes- O’cornell-treasures that lies at Hamnaptra, Evryn-the secrets of Hamnaptra and where the book is that related to Imhotep. Finally, they found the Hamnaptra and the book-The book of the dead- . They have decoded this book and read it, however, Imhotep woke from death… It means the end of the world…
This movie is made into a film in 1999. Because I watched the movie, I could read this book smoothly. Especially, some scenes that O’cornell is fighting against Imhotep and mummies were so exciting!! These enemies were computer graphics, but they looks like a real! How fantastic! When I watched at first time, I could not help surprising.
This story of movie is simple, so you can enjoy as a entertainment movie.(250words)

She looks like Beyonce…?

I found an interesting animation.
What do you think? Is she Beyonce??
Her face is quite different to Beyonce.
However, her gesture, expression, and movement make us feel that she looks like Beyonce though only moment.
Therefore, I have laughed instinctively.
She is a comedian in Japan, and the name is Naomi Watanabe.
She might watch the television and DVD many times and research Beyonce very much.
Please this watch this animation and enjoy it!(79words)


Nightmare in the iron box

The wall is there even if the door is opened. The elevator doesn't move up and below.

'Business Week' employee of the U.S. magazine, Nicholas White got on returning to smoke outside. He encountered the nightmare of the elevator's not moving with the shaft right, and being confined for 41 hours. The surveillance camera recorded the full detail for a long time.
It is a tremble image that even here seen seems to become the claustrophobia. The site is the 30th elevator in the McGraw-Hill building in NY. In a high-speed elevator of the efficiency improvement design, it is non-stop up to the 30th floor. It has stopped why by the 13th floor. It is on Friday night that the accident occurred. He tests all escape means. Intercom, warning alarm, and escape hatch. But no one answers even if he cries or shouts. His desperation changes into despair, and movement decreases gradually, too. He might surely have thought that he might die as it was.
He was able to go out of this box in 41 hours after. After all, the cause has not been understood. Mr.White seems did not to have had never to return to this office after it had escaped.
Please look at this animation. You can see a fresh image of 41 hours.

I wonder whether we can be calm when such a nightmare occurs in the elevator that we use usually often ?(239words)

step step step up!!

There are many dance movies in movie history. Flash dance, Pulp fiction, Saturday night fever, I like do the Dance, and often watch Dance movie. I also have watched many Dance movies. Lately, I watched 「STEP UP」
Tyler is a hero and he is so-called a bad boy who had grown up in poor home, and his only specialty was street dance. He spends his life with no hope, no dream, and he was so boring because everyday was empty for him.One day, after unexpected event, he met a girl 「Nola」who wants to be a pro dancer, and they have partnered with each other. At first time, they didn’t have a good impression, but he was influenced little-by-little by her passion, single-mind, and personality, and they have changed his life while Tyler and Nola practice to the dance with helping each other.
After watched this movie, I was taught to importance of have a dream, live with positive thinking. And some dance scenes of this movie was so great! It’s powerful and creative! As a high-light of this movie, there are some choreography that ballet and street dance was fused together. These 2 dances are the exact opposite position completely. The ballet Nola dances, the street dance Tyler dances, these opposite dances are fused into the one excellently while they understands each other. It’s so creative, and I thought that I wanted to dance!
And I also like their romance!The scene they dances in sunset, Tyler conveys his feeling for Nola on the pier after the dance party… They made this movie so romantic!!
I hooked on it completely, and bought this DVD. I pasted this movie trailer. (287words)