Book review 1-5 Misery

There is one novelist who has famous novel in the U.S. The name is Paul and he was succeeded with his novel. The title of this novel is MISERY. He decided to finish this novel because he was tired of writing MISERY although the public like this. One day, he has finished to writing the ending of MISERY in his lodge, and planed to bring it to the publishing company. But, on his way to go to them, he had a traffic accident because of heavy snow. He was saved by Annie who is nurse living in his neighbor, and narrowly escaped death. Annie knew Paul’s job and she was overjoyed because she was fanatical fan of MISERY.
But, the ending of MISERY drove her into frenzy because, in the ending, The MISERY who is a heroine in this novel will be died. Annie confined Paul and tortured him to re-write to the ending of MISERY.
Annie is strange, because when Paul reacts against her, she is mad and injures him. On the other hand, suddenly she talks to him with gesture like a kind and sweet mother, or she behaves like an innocent girl. Actually, she is a lunacy and who have killed many people before. So, Pawl decided to run away from her somehow…
Though I have a little longing to be famous, I think it’s pretty scared to be.
This novel was made into the movie in 1990, and it’s suspense holler movie. Kathy Bates, acting the role of Annie, got the Best Actress in a Leading Role in an Academy award! Her realistic performance of the role of Annie was so horrible! (280words)

Book review 1-4 SEVEN

This novel is set in the metropolis. There are two policemen in this novel, Detective Mr. Summerset with retirement near at hand, and, detective Mr. Milz, a freshman.
One day, the murder case occurred. They went a murder site quickly, and found the scene that was beyond their imagination. The fat guy was died. His stomach was burst because too much eat. He didn’t really want to eat, but he was made to eat by the killer. And, there are blood letters “GLUTTONY” that the killer wrote in this room.
And soon, the next victim was founded. The lower who is keen and has sharp-minded was killed bloodily in his office. And also, there are blood letters “GREED” that the killer wrote. Det. Summerset was sure that this murder is based on seven deadly sins, and he told Det. Milz to more 5 people will be killed by the killer.
They intended to investigating and chasing this murder, but they are gradually hounded down from the killer.
And finally, they will encounter the unbelievable last that nobody can imagine it.
After finished to read this book, I felt so unpleasantness because the last was very inconsolable and sorrowful. If I am in Det. Milz place in the last scene, I think I might do same thing as him.And I also have watched this movie. There are some famous movie stars acting in this movie. Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Guinness Paltrow, and Kevin Spacey. This casting was good because each part does match their roles, I think. Some animations and sound tracks has expressed the moods in this movie perfectly. That’s so interesting! (273words)


essay1-3 - my favorite animal.-

I introduce about my favorite animal.
do you like an animal? And do you have any animals in your house?

My favorite is dog. I have been having a dog since I was child. When I was 4years old, my family decided to have a dog for a pet. The first dog was YAMATO. He was male, black color, and medium-sized mixed dog. I and my family fondled him so much. But, he went away suddenly. Although we looked for him so much, he never came back again. We were very sad.

After several months, my father told us that have a new doggie. So, we had a new pedigree dog. His name was GRAY. This dog was also black color. He was so clever and smart, so, he hadn’t gone away to somewhere although without a chain. But his body was weak because of pure pedigree. In general, pure pedigree is weak to a changing of an environment or some viruses. So, he got a sick and died. It was so sorrowful.

After 1 year from his death, my brother told me that have a new dog and heal our sorrow. So, we had a third dog. His name is BUZ. He has gray colored body, and has black colored ears. He also has mixed-blood, so his body is very strong, and tough. Although he will be gets10yeas, he is full of energy and running about when we go for a walk!

So, in our family life, the dog is indispensable! Lately, my brother has one more puppy in his house. He already has two dogs, so, we have four doggies in our house! It’s very fun and interesting because each doggie has their characters! (287 words)


Book review1-3 「Notting hill」

Unexpected meeting will be changed unforgettable thing…

The story starts begin with William-the owner of small travel book store in Notting hill,
And Anna-one of the most famous and beautiful movie star, bumped into each other in the corner of Notting hill town. Anna likes William, their friends, and a kindly atmosphere of Notting hill that Hollywood doesn't have and feels that they heals her. But, there is a big gap between Anna and William. She is a superstar, living in  Hollywood, he is a commoner, living in Notting hill.
Can you imagine the outcome their pure love…??
I love this story so much! Some time I feel impatient with their love because William is honest and clumsy, but this story was so romantic! And I feel some lines are interesting because it have some humors! And I love the theme of this movie, "SHE". It is so impressive for me.
I paste favorite scene of this movie! This is soooooo romantic!!(162words)


The first time of part time job at english lounge!

I got the part time job at English lounge, and 30th April was the first time of part time job. When I got to the lounge, there is already one international student in the lounge. His name was Robert, who is international student from Montana, US. We have introduced our selves each other and talked about our own country. He talked to me about Montana, the purpose he came to Japan. Also, I asked to him about Japanese culture, some sightseeing spots where he have ever been to. We had a very good time!
In other words, we are co-worker in this lounge, so, I want to be a good friend to him.
And also, I want to cherish this meeting. To talk with him is the first step to understand our country and culture each other.
There are more 2 periods a week that I work as a part time job in this lounge. I hope that I can enjoy and have a good time to speak English in this lounge!!
(182 words)