Does TITANIC2 exist!?

At first, please watch this trailer.

This movie trailer is started from Jack’s death. You all guys have ever watched TITANIC at least once, haven’t you?? And I think that many people remember Jack was dead, and Rose was saved after TITANIC was sunk. But, if is Jack not dead? If is Jack frozen floor of the sea and has not been die?
90years later the TITNIC was gone down, a salvage company pulled up the frozen Jack and raise him from 1912. Jack woke up, but he is surprised and can’t believe where he is in, because, now, he is in NY where he wanted to go to at that time, although TITANIC was sunk before arrive in NY. He is confused and fearful to realities of present day because there are so long gap between days he knows and now. He is taught that why he was came to life, and also he learns about many things and histories of empty 90years. And then, he tried to look for Rose but she isn’t because she was already dead. He couldn’t accept the fact, so, he escapes from the facility and goes to the grave of Rose…
These are a digest of this movie.
Can you believe it!? Do you think TITANIC2 exists!?
Buuut!! Watch this trailer be careful! Did you notice some strange scenes of this trailer?
In fact, this trailer is not an official. This is just imitation that someone made it! If you are a moviegoer, you will find that this animation was made by pieced some movie scenes together. I found「shawshank redemption」,「beautiful mind」and so on.
And also, in this animation, there are some pieces of movies that Leonard Dicaprio has appeared. 「Romeo&Juliet」,「catch me if you can」, etc…
Anyway, this is made nicely! You might think this is real if you watch only one time.
Although this trailer is very nice, in my opinion, I think TITANIC2 should not be made because TITANIC is very splendid story and ending was very emotional, too. (356words)


Mr. Tomei's question

1.Is your sidebar organized and have your visited all of your classmates blogs at least once? If not, explain why, if so, give your impression.
I have visited other classmate’s blog. I was impressed about some classmates are working on renewal to their blog hard, the other are not so much. One student renewal her blog everyday! That’s great!

2.Have you labeled all your book reviews and essays?
 Yes, I have.

3.Does your blog include pictures and/or videos?
Yes, it does!

4.What is your best post? Why? ( please also link to it)
It is a 「STEP UP」post. It is my favorite movie, and I think that I could to write  of introduction a detail of this movie! And I recommend it.

5.What is your best book review? Why? ( please link to it)
It is a 「Princess Diana」post. I could write about her life succinctly. And I could understand about environment of her from her child hood to die, her way of thinking and activity. I was so impressed about her. Of course up to now, and from  now on, she will be never forgettable woman!

6.What are the good points and bad points about this writing class?
By through read some English books and write a book review or some diaries, I can learn many English vocabularies and idioms I think. That’s so good!
I don’t have particularly some problems about this class. I just do my assignments that I was given I think. I’ll do my best about it.

7.(3rd year+ students only) What problems are you having in class? What can I (Mr.Tomei) do to help you?
It’s not really serious problem, but if you could, I would like you to send important mail about the class until two before days that the class will be had. For example, if we have a class on Wednesday, I would like you to send a mail by Monday. Because, I try to find the g-mail and check them everyday, but sometime I forget to do about it because of when I am so busy about other assignment or part time job. So, I often check the mail from you at the morning of the day I have a class. If it is it, I can’t prep this class. So, if you could, I hope I would like you to do it. If it is possible, please do it. Thank you. (418 words)


Book review 1-6 「Princess Diana」

I read a book of 「Princess Diana」. After read this book, I could know that her back ground. This book is written from her born to death directly and with accuracy by simple words.
She was born as a Spencer’s third daughter in Norfolk. Her father was an earl, her mother’s family was notables, so, she was a daughter of a family of pedigree. But, her parents got divorced because of her mother’s affair. This divorce has injured her and her sister. Although her father has remarried later, she felt loneliness so much. But, she was busy to taking care of other peoples, and active for social services, so, she had a lot of friends when she was a childhood. Her score in the school was not so good, however she was good at some sports and piano.
She went study abroad to Swiss when she was 16, and came out to the society after went back from Swiss. And then, she has met her future husband, Prince Charles. Presently, she began to live in London and works as a nurse in the preschool. In 1980, Diana met Charles again. July 1981, they got married. She became a real princess! She gave a birth to first son William in 1982, second son Henry in 1984. An apparently, this sight looked so happy.
But, Diana wasn’t. Charles had been having an affair with ex-girlfriend Camilla for several years. So, her bulimia has caused the eating disorders. In the public knew to the secret between Charles and Camilla. This married couple has separated in 1992. In 1996, they got divorced. After divorced, Diana was involved with some movements like to abolition of land mine or enlightenment of AIDS.
In 31st Aug 1997, all over the world will never forget about this day. In Paris, Diana was died with her boyfriend by a traffic accident after be chased paparazzo. She was only 36 years. Her death made us full of the sadness. Her funeral was held on a large scale in 6th Sep. A lot of people had gathered and lined the roadside. And they lament the Diana’s death. Diana was so loved by public in UK, so, she is still called “England's rose”. Until now, they adore her.
Her life was little short, however she lived a stormy life. To be a princess like a fairy tale, the dress that was coordinated fashionable and perfectly from shoes to hat, the warm smile with charming and attractively… These made us full of enchant.
But, these lives, like a fairy tale, were having many hidden problems. Her parent’s Divorce, love an affair of her husband, born of her sons, rigid and lone in royal family, attempted suicide, eating disorders, and paparazzo. As a royal family, at that time, it seems that Diana’s behavior might was too progressive.
And she was also eager to social services. It is not written in this book, she hoped to live her title “Princess of Wales” for herself. She didn't want to get the honor but wanted the world attention for campaign that she is activating. If she has a title, the world attention and paparazzo will be attracted to social service through her who is involved with these. She, who suffered her married life and sought a life of herself not in a fairy tale but a just ordinary woman like us, I think.
Perhaps, there are many princesses all over the world, however, nobody has a so strong impression as a princess like her, I think. (595words)