Book review 1-8 「The Cinema」

Book review 1-8 「THE CINEMA」
Would you often go to the theater? Do you like watching movie? Would you prefer watch movie at home or theater? I think millions of people all over the world still go to the theater although they have TV and DVD player at their house. This book is written about how the movies all begin, and how the movie had grown up.
The first moving pictures were simple “shadow shows” or “shadow plays” and slide glasses. These became very popular in Europe in the 18th century. But 1820, photography was invented and were used instead of the slide glasses. These pictures did not move. In 1890, Edison and Dickson had management to take moving pictures in 1893. The world’s first film studio was built by Edison in New Jersey. In 1911, the first Hollywood studio was built by the Nestor Company. The American film workers came to California because the weather was good, and Californian workers were cheap to employ. From 1913, many movie companies have gathered into Hollywood. For example, UNIVERSAL, 20th FOX, COLUMBIA… Hollywood was a good place to “get into the movies”.
The first movies were silent. And many actors and actresses were a round as a movie star. Charlie Chaplin-one of them was very busy making audiences laugh. The dawn of the golden age of the cinema began with the talkies. From 1920 to 1940, many masterpieces were produced, and they are still kept in our mind, for example, Stage Coach(1939), Anna Christie(1930), and Gone with the wind(1936).
In 1932, the color film was invented and the movie became more popular amusement for people. People have built the movie theater that is called “Picture Palace” and enjoyed it. The Academy Award was born in 1929. So, to flourish of the silver screens has been became lustrous honor.
Now, movie industry is a one of the biggest industry all over the world. And many movie skills are improving more and more. For example, Animation, Computer graphics, Special effect, and Make-up.
We are enjoying watch movies at home. But, TV can’t catch sound, graphic, and power of the movie. Many people are thinking that only place to watch a films a theater. (374words)

Book review 1-7 「The USA」

What do you imagine about the word 「AMERICA」?Big country, metropolis, nature, entertainment… many attractive words are in the U.S. In this time, I read 「The U.S.A」and I leaned about many aspects of U.S.
About 30000years ago, American continent was a very big, beautiful, and it had many mountains, forest, lakes, animals, but no people.
First people came to Alaska, from Asia. They travelled south or south east side and became the Indians.
16century, Europeans started to come to America, and they brought many African slaves, to cultivate their fields. In 20century, a lot of immigrants arrive and live there from all over the world. Today, this continent has full of people, different languages, and many interesting cultures.
And this book has explained about U.S history with simple word. So, it is easy to understand and to grasp the century to the history.
In this book, especially I was interested about American culture life and each religion. I was surprised there are many “drive-in” buildings in the U.S. fast food restaurant, cinema, bank, and church! I don’t know how to use the bank, and church as “drive-in”.
And, there is no state religion in the U.S. I was surprised because I thought the Christianity was the state religion. But, over 60% people in the U.S are Christianity. It seem that many Americans like watching TV, and they watch TV for 7 hours a day at most. U.S has more 10000 pay TV stations and people can choose these and watch them. Also, U.S is famous for sports and they have the 4 greatest sports. Basket ball, base ball, American foot ball, and ice hockey. People often will close their shops to go to the games.
I like to watch NBA, so someday I want to watch the live game.
American foods have a lot of fat, for example, hamburger, hot dog, pizza, and French fries. They also have many fast foods restaurants. And, this country has a full of immigrants from all over the world, so it has a lot of traditional food restaurants like Mexican, Italian, French, Asian. Recently, they prefer more healthy foods. Some people chose “low fat” dishes, the other refuse to eat meat. The Japanese dishes are also popular among American people because these dishes are healthy and hearty.
The U.S has many metropolis, on the other hand, they have a lot of untouched natures. Especially, I want to go to NY and Florida. I want to see a row of houses along the street that was used as a movie scene. And I want to go to many world heritages like grand canyon, monument valley, and yellow stone national park. Someday, I want to have a trip, and look around whole this country. (469words)


SUSHI with salt and lemon...?

I went to the sushi restaurant with my family on last Monday! I was looking forward to go to this restaurant because I like sushi very much!
By the way, I have a question. What do you usually dip your sushi in? I think many people answer they dips their sushi in soy sauce. Normally, it is. But, this restaurant uses not a soy sauce but a salt and lemon to eat sushi! They are rubbed on a part of a fish. What do you think about it? Do you think it is tasty?
So, I tried to it, and it was soooooooo delicious! Nothing fish smells in this sushi without soy source. Lemon juice and salt rubbed on fish when it is cooked will enhance its taste. And also, they bring out to the goodness of row materials of fish. I liked the way of eat.
If I get the opportunity, I love to go to there again!!! (165 words)