Disney princess

There are many princesses in Disney movies. My favorite is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Although other princesses like Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty are more famous than her, I like Belle the best. Because, these princesses are just waiting for princes. But Belle, who is usually calm and book-warm lady is sometime active and courage full when she goes to the forest to help her father or she care the beast. She is not just waits for everything, but does something by herself that she decided to. So, I like her the best! (95 words)


List4 Niagara falls

Niagara falls are placed in Niagara River that is flowing from Lake Ellie to Lake Ontario. And it’s a border that divides Ontario State in Canada and New York State in U.S. this fall is known that abundant water resources and beauty of view. Niagara falls are broadly separated Canada fall and America fall. These falls were formed in retreat age of the final glacial period. And these falls are in the process that the great river lakes flow into the Atlantic Ocean through the Niagara cliff line. Although heights of falls are not so high, the widths are so wide. And the quantity of water of the falls that flows singly is number one in North America.
The name of “Niagara” is from the Iroquois tribe language. It means “Nee-ah-Ah-rah”(water that crashing the thunder). It is said that in 17c, some European explorers and missionaries discovered and visited there.
In 18c, tourism for this falls became famous and it became a main industry in middle 18c. A number of tourists were getting increased, so, the foot bridge was build in 1848, and 2 suspension bridges were also built in 1855. After the civil war, New York central railway company built the line and in1897, the first railway bridge was built.
Today, around the Niagara fall were developed beautifully and comfortably. So we can access easily by car and we can also reach near the bottom of the falls.
Niagara is counted that one of the world three biggest waterfalls; others are Victoria fall and iguazu fall. However, Niagara isn’t registered to the World Heritage. (267 words)

Disney On Ice!!

Last Saturday, I and my elder sister and my niece went to Disney On Ice! Although this event has been held every year since several years ago, I have never been there.
And this event has a theme each year, this year is Disney Princess.Many princesses like Jasmine, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White were skating and this was so beautiful. Show was divided in each part, and gave us an exciting performance.

Although I am already lady who is no longer dreaming to be a princess, I took back a childish mind. My niece was also excited it! Many girls were wearing princess dresses. They were so pretty! (110 words)


Book review 2-8 Kings and Queens of Britain.

In Britain, the most important person is king and queen. Today, Queen ElizabethⅡ is the most important person. Every year, she opens parliament and she is head of the Church of England. But she doesn’t work parliament or church nether. The king and queen of England have many histories.

In AD 43, roman emperor Claudius came to Britain to take the country from the British kings and queens. In England, The young queen called Boudicca tried to stop the invasion of Romans. They fight so much. After all, she lost and died, however she became the first famous British Queen.

The year 1066 is the famous for English people. In that year, three people came to England to fight, because they want to be a king. After the fight, Harold Godwinsson became a king at that time. But later that day, William and his soldiers killed Harold and he became a king WilliamⅠ. William was a strong king, and people remember him because him because his children and grand children were king of England for 2 hundred years.

In 1491, King Henry was born and married with his first wife Catherine in 1509. He wanted have a son, however he couldn’t. So he remarried Ann Boleyn. Because she couldn’t give a birth a son, she was killed by Henry. After all he married six women. He could have only one son. He died in 1547, and because of him, the King and Queen of England is always the Head if the Church of England, too. And Ann’s daughter, Elizabeth was one of the most famous women in England.

The young Elizabeth was so poor and had a very difficult time. Her sister Mary was a queen, and Elizabeth was in prison. Many people wanted to kill her because she was Ann’s child. After Mary died in 1558, she became a Queen of England for 45 years. She didn’t have her husband and maintained her beliefs that she is single. However it is known that she had many steadies at that time. And more, the age of under Elizabeth rule, it is said that “The Golden Age”. It was a strong, happy for England. Elizabeth made some explorers sailed to America, and opened the world widely. Elizabeth was ready for being assassinated by Scottish Queen Mary, but Mary was killed by her.
And time past away and England became bigger country. And the industrial revolution, the England was the center of the world.

Today, the Queen is ElizabethⅡ. She ascended the Queen in 1952, then, she was 25 years old. She neither works hard at parliament nor Church. But she talks with prime minister and churchmen about very important things. She helps them and gives some advises. The King and Queen is indispensable person and irreplaceable. They are what is called “The Symbol” of its country. (488 words)