essay 1-7 movie review

Essay 1-7 Movie review
M y favorite movie is this.

T his movie title is 「usual suspects」and genre is mystery and suspense .
O ne day, large scale murder was happened at the port in California. The course was perhaps struggle for dealing with cocaine between one group and black marketeer. 27 persons were died and 90 million dollars was gone. 2 people were survived, but one is serious injured in this suspects. The police officer Quiyan interrogated the man, Kint who survived without a scratch from the site. Kint begin to explain about the event that was happened in that night…
I like this movie because this movie has many many interesting materials. First, actors are very good at acting. Kevin Spacey who is one of the most famous actors in the world now, was unknown actor at that time yet. But his acting in this movie was really great and draws us into the story. It is so awesome.
And, the story of this movie is really great. Audiences pursues after a Keizer Soze who is the wires of this scene. And finally, Soze appears in completely unexpected figure. It will take audiences by surprise. Although you might be bored about until in the middle of this movie, you surely can’t help but surprise about the climax because the last 5 minutes in this movie has an unexpected twist in its tail.
This movie has got an academy award for writing original screen play. And Kevin Spacey has also got this award for best supporting play. If you like genre of suspense, you will enjoy it! ( 279 words)


prom party!

Prom party!

The prom season has come in U.S! Senior student will enjoy this event!
By the way, do you know the PROM?
We will decide one topic, and study, presentation about American culture In American Affair class. And them, we got a good information about prom. So, I will introduce about it.

In the United States and Canada a prom, short for promenade, is used to describe a semi-formal graduation dance party. It is held at the end of an academic year. It will be usually held between July and September. As a rule, student can attend the prom as a couple. Your date can be anyone; for example boy friend, classmate, graduated student. They call the partner “date”. The attendance is not compulsory. Generally, boy ask girl out to the prom.

The hall is usually their high school gym, or hotel. At the hall, rock in roll band or DJ will come, and they arouse students at the prom to enthusiasm. The Rock music is standard number as a buck ground Music, and lately, the HIP-HOP is also popular among them.

Proms were first mentioned in the high school yearbooks of the 1930s and 1940s, but historians believe they may have existed as early as the late 1800s. Proms first began in the elite colleges of the Northeast. High school proms began in the early 1900s, they were relatively simple affairs. The high school prom expanded into a yearly class banquet at which seniors arrived in party clothes and danced.
Present day, Prom is one of the most exciting events. So, They, especially girls want to have fun so much!!

Students will prepare for the Prom from before 2 or 3 month.
In Prom, Boys usually dress a tuxedo, sometimes with brightly colored cummerbunds or vests, and boutonnieres. Girls usually wears formal dress, and then, she dress up her hair and make-up. She put on a corsage. After dressed up they changes so wonderful!
Traditionally, girls gave boys matching boutonnieres to be worn on their tuxedos or waistcoats. Girls traditionally wear adorned with a corsage given to them by their dates.

On the very day of the prom, some students get together, and ride in the same limousine. And they goes to a good restaurant by limo, and have a dinner.
After the dinner, they arrive at the hall.
When the couple comes in the hall, they have photographer take a picture. They pose for a good picture each other. This picture will be a great memory in their life. And then, DJ or music band begin to play the music. Many students enjoy dancing, and chatting.
In the end of the prom, there is a big entertainment. It is election of prom King&Queen. Many participant votes for candidates and decide them. The couple who was elected will be given a crown and big bouquet. And they will be taken a picture by many students.

But, some problems are existed. One is the cost. Cost of the prom is one of the biggest problems. They need a very big money for a dress, corsage, admission fee, transport expense (limousine) ,food bill…etc.
Some of students who don't have any money can't attend the prom.
And also, underage drinking potential is serious problem.
Some students join Anti-Prom (morp) because of these reasons.
Prom is formal style party. At the prom only popular people (Jock and Queen bee)are conspicuous. And more, sexual problem (gay or les),Religious problem are big problem.

Anyway, prom is alien customs to Japanese. So, although this event has some problems, we aspire to attend it.
There are some movies that prom is as a main topic of it in U.S. She's all that, Never been kissed, 10things i hate about you, is very very popular movies. If you are interested in Prom, you will enjoy it! ( 642 words)