Diary My favorite Christmas song

Hey guys! It's now Christmas season!!
Do you know this song?

This song title is "This Christmas". This song was originally recorded by Donny Hathaway and was released in 1970. Since Hathaway's original version, it has become a modern standard Christmas song, covered by a wide range of artists.

This is a Chris Brown version, and this was filmed as a music video and advertisement of the movie that he is staring, "This Christmas".
And I also like the version Joe is singing.

So sweet and heart warming!! (98 words)


nabe nabe!

Oh~! Everyday it’s too cold to do anything out side! We can have “nabe” in our house in this season! “nabe” has been familiar that this is a special feature of winter season to Japanese people for a long time. Picking food out of a pot is regarded that we are good fellow. Anyway, there are many people like nabe! And, which kind of nabe do you like? I like kimuchinabe, mizorenabe, and tukunenabe!
I and my friends will be having a nabe party in this or next week. I am sooooo looking forward to do it! (100 words)