Book review 1-1 [About Jennifer Lopez a.k.a Jlo !]

Do you know Jennifer Lopez? I think the world knows her name. She is one of the famous singer All over the world. Of course, I know her as a singer and an actress. This book was written from her childhood, challenge for her dream, until got to the American dream!
She was born in NY as a Latin immigrant. She had a beautiful face, and also had good parents whose are earnest about education. She had grown up very good daughter. She wanted to be a dancer because she likes dancing, but her parents were against her. So, she had run away from home. After several years, she had succeeds as a dancer! After her success, she was interested in acting. She had appeared on some movies, and had succeeds as an actress, too. And finally, she challenged to be a singer. All you guys know about her outcome.
After read this book, I felt that it is important to challenge positively although the talent is necessary.

I like her as a dancer and singer. Her songs makes me happy, feels me do the dance. A lot of her songs I like, especially, this is my favorite song.

And also, she is one of the person who had succeed as a Latin.
Until now, “Latin” was about people with little money, poor, and has a lot of problems. But now, it feel us color, fun, and life. In movies and in music, Latin performers are very famous although except her. I think she is a pioneer as Latin people.


What are these arts made of ...??

Do you know what these pictures are made of ?

Look at this closely, do you understand??

In fact, these art are made of packing tape!!What do you think? Can you believe it?

I was so suprised because of this row materials.

these art were made by one male artist. His name is Mark Khaisman who was from Ukraine.He was born 1958, Kiev, Ukraine, and He Studied Art and Architecture in Moscow Architectural Institute.Now He lives in and works in Philadelphia. He also has gotten many art awords for several years.

The packing tape is far from the art, but, He had change this tape into a wonderful arts!

If you are interested in it you should go to this sight!

I hope you'll like it! (127words)


Essay1-2 My treasure

I will introduce about my treasure.

My treasure is my family and my friends. They trust me, and always close to me.
If I am depressed, they cheer me up, and they scold me when I am wrong. I can compose myself when I am talking with them.
Some time, I go out with my family, or friends. It is so fun with them, because if I go out with them whose I don't know well each other, I have to make much of them. So, I don't have to do it, I feel so relax.
And they also know my characteristic and favorite things. They let me do freely. It is very difficult to find the person who can understand to me so much. So, I don’t want to lose them absolutely.

And, I also have another treasure. It is movie and music. These are very interesting for me. They add many funs and stimulus to my life. I often listen to music when I use an internet or study. My favorite music genre is HIP-HOP and R&B. Lately, I like Rhianna, Chris Brown, NAS, and some musicians from south side.
On weekend, sitting on sofa, take may time relax and watching movie is one of my favorite customs. On the other hand, I also like to go to the night clubs. I often drunk so much and dance on the floor with my friends.
My favorite movie genre is mystery and suspense. I like to watch that a hero read a riddle in the movie. Someday, I want to buy home theater set in living room in my house. (272 words)