WEI pert2

I. How you blog, (when, where, about what, etc)
II. Good and bad points about blogging
III. Summary and advice to other students

I. I usually make a blog when I stay and be relaxing in my room. I write bookreviews and essay because it is assignment. I often write movie and music essay. In making this blog topic, I often add some pictures and animation from web and you tube.

II. The good point in this blog is that it is very good practice to make English composition. Because we have to look up a word in a dictionary when I explain what I want to describe although I don’t know the English word. If I look up a dictionary and check some words, this blog improve my English skill.
The bad point, I have no idea about this. Exactly, the rule when we make a blog is quite strict, but, if there are no rules when we make a blog, almost students will be lazy. So, some rules are necessary because this is a class, and we have to not be given a credit, but get it.

III. Summary and advice to other students is I think it is to enjoy make a blog. It is no problem to use easy and simple words to make composition of blog. And some item of the topic is anything OK. I also post for my interesting news or movie, music. And sometime I am using YOU TUBE. It is good for posting with animation. So, please no thinking difficulty, enjoy it! (262words)

As a good information for my assignment

Now, I am watching this movie.

This movie title is 「10things I hate about you」
this story is set in one high school in U.S.
In this school students are exciting about prom, one of the big events for their lives.
The transfer student Cameron fell in love with Bianca who is the most popular girl in this high school, at first sight. He tried to ask her to the prom party, however she can’t go. She is not that she doesn’t want to, but she can’t to. Because, her father is very strict about her school life, especially dance and drink party. The father is an obstetrician, and he doesn’t want his sweet daughter to be a bad girl. But, Bianca insists that she do want to go to the party. So, the father had an idea, it is that if her first daughter Kat will goes to the party, Bianca also will be able to go there.
But, this first daughter Kat is what is called “obstinate and trouble maker”. She is stubborn, ironic, and she hate for boys so much. It looked too hard to ask Kat to go to the party. So, Cameron asked Patrick who is famous for odd person, and juvenile delinquent to ask Kat out to the Party, and he paid some money as a reward to Patrick.
Bianca is so popular in this school that of course another boy tries to ask her out to the party.
First, Kat hates Patrick so much, however, she gradually opens her mind to him because he is handsome, and do some romantic behaves. Although Bianca has an air of romance with Joey who is good looking guy, she becomes be bored about his dull talking and narcissism. And after, she falls in love with Cameron who indicates that her bad point although his appearance is inconspicuous.
Can you imagine the ending of their loves…??

The reason why I will watch this movie, is now I am taking an American affair class. And we were given an assignment that to introduce about American culture. Our group has decided to introduce about 「prom」. This movie has shown well about the contents of prom and reactions of students and movements about the prom, so I thought that I will get many good hints from this movie that we want have. The story of this movie is romantic comedy, so I think that girls will be enjoyed in this movie.
Personally, I like these scenes that Patrick is singing with brass band at the ground,

and Kate reads the poem that the title is 10 things I hate about you.

Did you realize the meaning of this movie title?? (459words)


Book review 1-12 「California」

Do you know about the California? Now, California is one of the most famous states all over the world. Over million people visit this state every year. This state is also famous American film business, computers, and wine. It is wonderful place to stay or live there. But only 150 years ago, it was just a land of desert and mountains. What happened during 150 years?
California became a free state in 1850. 2 years before this year, very important event happened in this state. On January 24, 1848, Mr. Marshall who was working on the land where was later to become the city of Sacramento found something bright and yellow in a river. He discovered small pieces of gold! After this event, many news paper companies told the story of Marshall’s discovery. The news has been spread across the world, and soon, a lot of men from all over the world started to come to this state. They wanted to find gold, and be rich. They were often called “Forty-niners” because most of them arrived in 1849. This was started of the Gold Rush.
Soon, this state became big and had many big cities. By 1852, there were more than 100,000 prospectors in California. And then, in the 1860, people discovered something new in the ground. They called it black gold. Because it soon made them very rich. Do you know what it is? It is oil.
There are the summaries of the history of CA. and today, there are many beautiful and lively cities in CA. For example, San Francisco, Monterey, Los Angeles, San Diego, Long Beach, Anaheim.
I have ever been to CA for a month as a home stay. And I have been to many sightseeing spot in CA, like Hollywood, Disney land, universal studio. CA has hot and dry climate through a year, and temperature goes up to over 30℃ in every day time, and fall under 10℃ in night time because of desert climate. It has almost sunny days through a year.
CA has many attractive places to sightseeing or travel. But, if you leave from megalopolis and go to the nature place, you will find great nature! It is very magnificent, and emotional. If you are planning to go to CA, I recommend that you should go both place city and nature. It must be fun! (395words)