Book review 2-14 TITANIC

Do you know the TITANIC is. I think everyone know about it. TITANIC has departure at Southampton in April 1912, and has sunken to the bottom of the sea.
This tragedy was made a screen many time, and especially, 1997 version is widely known. So it is hardly necessary to explain the detail about it.

I will introduce about unknown true story about TITANIC.
Do you know the woman Molly Brown? She is known that another name "unsinkable Molly Brown". She was a first-class passenger and a widow. She also appears on the movie TITANIC 1997 version. Cathy Bates acted her role. In the movie, After TITANIC sunk, she tries to help other passengers, however she was shout her down by ship crew. But, actually, she helped some other drowing passengers with helping other crews.

There are many unknown true stories about the tragedy TITANIC. Now, we have developed the high-level technology about diving, and dive into the deep sea investigate about TITANIC. (167 words)


Movie review 5 「Mask」

Stanley: he is a bank clerk. Although he has a sweet heart, he is a shy and boring man.

Tina: she is a sexy singer of the night club ‘Bongo-Bongo”.

Dorian: he is a member of the gang, and planning a bank rubbery.

Milo: he is Stanley’s pet. He is cute and clever.

Stanley is a young shy man who works in a bank. And he is smitten with Tina who is the singer of the night club “Bongo-Bongo” at first sight when he meets her at the bank. Actually, Tina was frightened by Dorian into obeying him to help his plan. One day, Stanley discovers a mask in the sea after he tried to rescue what he thought was a man who was drowning. This mask was pictured as the Norse god of tricks and deception, Loki.
When Stanley puts on the mask, he is transformed into a brightly, fearless, and active man who is wearing yellow colored suits and having a green colored face. And more, he learns mysterious power that he can do anything what he wants to do. He takes revenge for all of those who made fun of him by this power.
Next morning, he wakes up thinking it was a dream. But, he is scared after watched the news from TV because it was same as what he did yesterday with the mask. However he couldn’t give up his passionate love for Tina. So he put on the Mask again, and goes to the bank, because he needs money. And Dorian and his party are trying to get into the Bank at the same time.
He beat Dorian and his confederates down and goes to Bongo-Bongo, dances with Tina and he succeeds with grabbing her heart. She also likes him, however, Stanley (Mask) is framed as a suspect of bank rubbery from the polis. Although he tries to escape from them, he was arrested and put in jail. Dorian snatched his mask.

Stanly gets back the mask with the help of his dog Milo, puts on it again and defeats Dorian and his gang. Finally, he saves Tina and kisses her.

My opinion
The tempo of this story line is so good and we don't find unbalanced sense of laughing in this movie because this movie was made as going down well with everyone. Especially, the computer graphics are very funny! I can't help but laugh at it.
And, I love Stanley's dog name is Milo! He is so clever and faithful for him. However, I never thought that even he put into the mask, so, I was so surprised when he did it.
Anyway, this movie is good for laughing! We can watch this when we get together as a home party or drinking party. This movie is easy to understand the storyline and included many senses of laughing!
Cameron Diaz is still young and not sophisticated yet in this movie, however her figure is so nice! Everyone, especially girls can't help but adore her! Jim Carry is all that as a comedian!
So, good! (524 words)


Speech Cntest!!

In this week, on Friday, the speech contest will be held. I will participate for it because I want to join many activities that a university holds.
Buuuuuuuut!! It’s so difficult to prepare for speech paper. In different to daily conversation, the speech needs more polite and formal grammar. I don’t become familiar with these grammar and vocabulary, so it’s so hard to make a composition. Anyway, I have only 2 days for contest, so I have to practice for make a speech. And also I want an attitude that I can feel easily even if I stand in front of many audiences because I have a chicken heart!! (112 words)


Diary My favorite Christmas song

Hey guys! It's now Christmas season!!
Do you know this song?

This song title is "This Christmas". This song was originally recorded by Donny Hathaway and was released in 1970. Since Hathaway's original version, it has become a modern standard Christmas song, covered by a wide range of artists.

This is a Chris Brown version, and this was filmed as a music video and advertisement of the movie that he is staring, "This Christmas".
And I also like the version Joe is singing.

So sweet and heart warming!! (98 words)


nabe nabe!

Oh~! Everyday it’s too cold to do anything out side! We can have “nabe” in our house in this season! “nabe” has been familiar that this is a special feature of winter season to Japanese people for a long time. Picking food out of a pot is regarded that we are good fellow. Anyway, there are many people like nabe! And, which kind of nabe do you like? I like kimuchinabe, mizorenabe, and tukunenabe!
I and my friends will be having a nabe party in this or next week. I am sooooo looking forward to do it! (100 words)


Essay 4 Toy Story

Woody: He is a cheerful old cowboy doll made of wood, and a leader among Andy’s toys. He speaks humorous thing if the string in his buck is pulled. Andy loves him so much because he likes pretends to be a cowboy by using Woody.

Buzz: He comes to Andy’s house when Andy’s Birthday and he is the latest space ranger having many devices in his body. At first, he believes he is not a toy, but a real ranger, and he can fly. Because of this, he is a little selfish. However, after noticed he is a toy and while he is living with Woody, his mind changes. His killer line is “To infinity and beyond!”

Mr. Potato head: He is a potato head doll made in U.S.A., and his parts like eyes, nose, and mouth are changeable as we like. Although he is cynical and has doubtful mind, he has a good fellow feeling. He was looking for his wife called Mrs. Potato head.

Slinky dog: he is a dog doll and his trunk is made of spring, and he is Woody’s good friend. His body is so convenient that this is used for many scenes. Although he is a little meddler, he believes his friends so much.

Rex: Although he is a Tyrannosaurus doll made in U.S Company, he has lovely face and his character is bashful and chickenhearted. His torment at the present moment is that his appearance is not packing enough punch.

Andy: he is an impressionable boy and the possessor of many toys including Woody. He signs his name to his toys, and treats with it considerately.

Sid: He is a boy living a house next to Andy’s house. He is scared by his friends and toys. Because he likes to disassemble a toy and dangerous game using toys.

Woody is an old doll made of wood. He is loved by his owner, Andy, and spends his life happily with his toy friends.
One day, the latest action doll Buzz Lightyear come Andy’s house. Woody’s position is taken from him by Buzz. And also, Buzz assumes that he is a real space ranger keeping the space peacefully, so that Woody and his friends can’t be talking at cross-purposes with Buzz.
One day, woody and Buzz fly out the out side, and are caught by a rascal boy, Sid. They know that their lives will be gone if they were caught by Sid.
Unfortunately, Andy’s family going to move to other place! They will never meet Andy again if they don’t cooperate to each other and run away from Sid. Woody and Buzz obtains the help of toys that became a victim of Sid, finally beat him down. They chase Andy’s car at a terrific speed, and slide into the car.

My opinion
this movie has many attractive characters! On the whole, it is a happy story, however, very important things in the life are hidden in each scene.
And, although this is the theme of Toy Story2, I will write to this. For dolls or toys, which are happier, pray with children though they are made their body dirty, or be displayed as a collection being kept cleanly? It seems very difficult for us because we are neither dolls nor toys. However, I think for dolls or toys, perhaps they want to be prayed by children because they exist as a toy. Of course I have some dolls that I was given from my parents when I was a child, so, I will give some of these to my niece. And if she prays with these, my dolls will be happy. (612 words)


List9 My favorite Wagashi

1 Kudzukiri
Kudzukiri is made from Kudzu starch. Kudzu is one of the plants that including many denpun into their roots.
We add water to Kudzu starch and heat it, and make it hard thinly. This sweets are usually eaten with syrup.

2 Ichigo daihuku
And Ichigo Daihuku is that whole straw belly is filled with sweet bean jam, and soft rice cake fills it. The sweetness of bean jam and sour-sweet flavor of straw belly matches well.

3 Senbei
Senbei is the Japanese cracker made from glutinous rice. this has many seasoned flavors like soy source, sesame, sugar. My favorite flavor is black sesame!(109 words)